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We discuss hirudotherapy leech treatments and body massage therapies. Helping you to explore innovative health conscious options for treating your concerns naturally.

Hirudotherapy Leech Therapy

This is a health treatment using Hirudo medicinalis leeches. The leeches are placed directly on the affected area. The leech saliva contains 100+ bioactive substances including anticoagulants, anti-inflammatories, natural anesthetics, and more. The leech mechanically drains toxins, blood, and lymph from your body. While you receive the live natural pharmaceuticals from the leech saliva going into your body. This mechanism between human and medicinal leech bite, has even been shown to improve the nerve damages from having a stroke. After just one treatment you can see the changes in a blood test.

Body Massage and Touch Therapy

Healing touch is being explored more than ever, in our growing society we are still losing touch with human touch. Touch is a vital part of our existence and everyday life. We are here to explore more ways to promote health through massage and touch therapies.

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