Hirudotherapy for Cauliflower Ear

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    Erika Basics

    Cauliflower ear has been known to plague an athlete even after surgical treatment. With using leech therapy as a treatment you will have a better chance of getting to the root cause of the problem for a long-term solution. Whether this condition is simply unsightly or this has become something painful for you, hirudotherapy might be an option for you.

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    “Accumulated blood (hematoma) is also a reservoir for infection. By attaching these little creatures instead of a drain, the blood will be painlessly sucked out of the wound, reducing infection and improving the cosmetic outcome. Leeches have been successfully used by surgeons who have reattached amputated fingers or toes. ENTs have attached them to outer ears that have been traumatized, therefore preventing a cauliflower ear deformity.” Read Full WebMD Article Click Here

    “Medicinal leeches (Hirudo medicinalis) and the native secretion of their salivary glands diluted with saline (5 times) were successfully used for the treatment of some ear diseases.” Read the Full PubMed article Click Here

    Here is an article about rugby player Dave Attwood using leeches for his cauliflower ear. Read Article Click Here

    Here is an article about a man in Wales whose cauliflower ear was treated by leeching it. Read Article Click Here

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